Meet the Mishpucha

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Using primary source birth, marriage, and death records, we will reconstruct an extensive family tree. For Jewish communities in Central and Eastern Europe, these primary source records frequently go back to the mid-19th century, sometimes 1800. In some locations, particularly larger cities, special sources may be available to extend this further. Records frequently provide not only the immediately relevant details but also sometimes mention occupations, addresses, and more.

Historical Research

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Our ancestors often show up in historical newspapers and other records, particularly if they lived in large cities. For this level of service, we will supplement our knowledge from birth, marriage, and death records using a variety of historical sources including historical newspapers, city directories, etc. This will frequently provide a much fuller picture of who these people were and how they lived. At your discression, you have the option of including some of the most interesting results of our reseasrch in our Virtual Museum, where your family's history and achievements will be preserved and memorialized for future generations.



Our ancestors frequently moved around, and many of these moves are captured in population records and historical sources. In some cases, it may be possible to correlate these with city locations on the modern map. Using these clues, we can approximate the locations where our ancestors were living at a given point in time. For this level of service, we will create a series of maps according to all the available data showing how our families grew and spread out across our ancestral cities,towns, and regions.

Custom Projects

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Please feel free to contact us to discuss custom projects. We would be happy to discuss your ideas and goals for what you would like to accomplish.