Mission Statement


Lost Roots Family History is devoted to recovering and preserving the memories of our ancestors. Our primary focus is Jewish families of Central and Eastern Europe, but we are happy to reach outside of our comfort zone. Lost Roots seeks to assure that no matter how much things may change, something of the achievements of those who came before us--some piece of what they have built--will live on forever to inspire and educate future generations.

Joshua Grayson, PhD-Founder and Director

our director

I have always been fascinated by Jewish genealogy. I started researching my own family history, and was simply astonished by what I could find in the records. By teaching myself how to read old handwritten records in German, Polish, Russian, and Hebrew I was able to trace my family history back 300 years! In the course of my research, I found that I am related to a Jewish philosopher, a famous rabbi, a cubist painter, and an engineer who designed lunar rovers for NASA! I was so fascinated by what I learned that I decided to build a company. I am an experienced researcher, have significant academic credentials, and hold a PhD from the University of Southern California.

Why Hire Me?

studying hard

Piecing together shards of evidence is fascinating, but it can be tedious and time consuming. Although so much is available on the Internet, many online database indexes are incomplete. Often, only the most basic information is transcribed onto these sites, leaving some of the most intriguing details hidden in the original records -- which may be not only in a foreign language but handwritten in antiquated scripts no longer in use. Original family records can be extremely difficult or impossible to decipher without special training.

I have the ability to read these difficult antique handwritings, go far beyond the genealogy indexes, and piece together a fascinating and compelling history of your family. Moreover, if you choose me to research your family, you may opt to have its history memorialized in the Lost Roots virtual museum, where your family's achievements, stories, and traditions will be safeguarded to educate and guide future generations.